Who are we?

DDOC Dog obedience training socialization classes club Ashwood

Our club was formed in 1982 by Bernie Lellyett, our President, and a group of followers from the obedience side of the Dobermann Club of Victoria, who were all very active in training and trialling their Dobermanns, hence the history of our name.   Some of the original members still form part of the committee and instructing team, and other members with a variety of breeds have been with the club for over 25 years, so it is fair to say we have a wealth of dog training experience to draw on to assist our members.   There are very few, if any, behavioural problems we haven’t encountered, and have been able to resolve, improve or give the necessary advice.   However, we do not give veterinary advice and always refer people to take veterinary problems to their vets.


We use tried and tested training methods and do not rely on gimmicks or tidbits or the latest fashionable ideas to train our dogs.  Our methods produce happy, well socialized and reliably obedient dogs and are simple principles to learn and understand.  The basic principles are explained to all new members on their first free day, and they are given the opportunity to ask any questions and decide if they wish to follow our methods before actually joining the club.  We reinforce our club objectives regarding responsible dog ownership, which has become much more important in the community in recent years.


We welcome people from all walks of life, from all cultures and of all ages and physical ability, with any breed of dog, pedigreed or not.  We only ask that you follow our training methods and keep your dogs on lead at all times unless in class and under the direction of an instructor.


We also understand that not all dogs are friendly towards other dogs, so we ask that you restrain your happy, exuberant puppy and don’t permit it to jump on the other dogs.  A quiet approach is a safe approach and everyone is well introduced.  A well socialized dog is one which can sit quietly and ignore other dogs, and there is no need for them to jump all over each other.


Parents – you are responsible for your children at all times.  Do not allow them to approach dogs without first asking permission of the owner.  Not all dogs are used to children.  If your children are participating in training classes, we would suggest that you listen in on classes so you can help with “homework”.   Training your dog needs consistency and regular practice, not just on Sunday mornings!


All our instructors and committee are volunteers.  All instructors have successfully completed our in-house training course run by the president.  We have monthly committee meetings and a couple of general meetings during the year.   If you have any problems training your dog, or other club related issues that need addressing, please speak to our president or vice president; we are here to help make your dog training journey easier.